Saturday, December 10, 2011

Into December and things are still open, e.g., (no snow, just mud)

Getting a good jump into winter without frozen ground and snow...  Boy o boy, I got the feeling that we're going to pay for this later.  Critters don't seem to mind the warmth though, come to think of it, me neither.   If it was like this every beginning of winter lots more people would want to stay.  Thank goodness that is not the case.  Most of the time, say after August, its blowin and cold.  Just right for "settin' out."  On to pig news...  Boar Boy, also known as Redmin, got into one of the gilt's pen, and well, lets just say he's having messy fun.  I'm not too sure that the gilts feel the same way about it.  He has to go and I'm off to build a new pen for those gilts.

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