Thursday, June 28, 2012

                                             ALL NATURAL USDA HAND FEED PORK
                                                        CALL  (207) 200-PORK (7675)
                                                        GOIN' FAST, SO CALL NOW!!!

If you like pork, this is a heads up.  This lot is awesome.  They are the top hogs from the stock we have developed through natural animal husbandry.  A super hybrid from two heritage breeds.  We call them "WOODS PIGS."  I considered this lot to be 'prime pork' due to the marbling in the cuts and the age of the critters.  The feed program follows the USDA guide lines and the Critters eat well.  (better than me and certainly more consistently).

Our heard enjoys vegetables, fruits and breads, and natural fodder (by the TONs)!
And I mean its all by hand 'cause there's no tractor!

I have a variety of cuts and "whole hog" sausage and straight ground pork. This will not last long!

The Hot sausage goes good as a burger! Or take the ground pork and flavor it however you like.  The end product is called the 'True Hamburger!'
                                      On a bun with lettuce tomato onion and mustard (Ray's of Maine) or plain,
and a dark or red ale, or beverage of your choice...
Mmy mouths watering now and I've really got to go to bed its late...You can defrost a pack of sausage
it a pot of water in less than no time, and if you cant wait a few minutes drop it right on the skillet and
split it with a spatula after browning both sides.  I'm gonna make one now, seeya! CJB