Monday, November 14, 2011

PPignick 11/11/11

Wow, what a great first ppignick!!!  We roasted, on a spit, a fresh pig stuffed with a fresh pig stuffed with sausage and fresh slab bacon.  Wholly cricker!  Some good!
The neighbors gathered and the rest is history...
I'm indebted to Tim and Lori for the idea and the place to do it.  Plus all the other stuff that needed to be done prior to your neighborhood descending upon your crib;  Then there was Pit Master Walls who stepped up in a big (wide awake) way and got 'er done buddy!  Thanks to Momma Sue mother of two young lads and devote spouse who let Masterbaster Kevin out for the night!!! Literally!!!  And thanks to all who came out in the wind.
The bonus was; the pork was "face-fall-off good," and to see all the good people together at the same time!

  Looking forward to the next one...  Word on the street is she's a moving down the road apiece, down in the 'crik proper' one could say...
Oh, by the way, we do homage to the days of the great Pignick of SWH.  However,  this ain't that and so the name 'PPignick' for pig stuffed with pig, but still on Beautiful MDI.  Happy days,

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